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Address Verification

Enable customers to look up global addresses online, and ensure accurate addresses in your CRM, EPoS and more. 94% of businesses say address errors impact their performance and customer loyalty, Capture+ is the leading solution.

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Address Data Cleansing

Ensure your customer address database is as up to date as possible and free from errors. Avoid returned mail, lost revenue, operational costs, customer complaints and a damaged brand reputation with data cleansing.

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Email Verification

Check email addresses are complete and correctly formatted. Increase delivery rates by validating addresses upfront or with a batch cleanse.

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Store Locator

Help your customers to find your nearest store, location or event easily. Make it easy to find your nearest outlet at any time of day. Great for hotels, restaurant chains and other business locations.

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Fetch coordinates for addresses.  Find the longitude and latitude coordinates for places around the world.

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