Rapid cleansing for dirty data

How much does inaccurate address data cost your business? With consumer data degrading by 13% and business data by 37% on average every year, it’s a problem that needs continual attention. Avoid returned mail, lost revenue, operational costs, customer complaints and a damaged brand reputation with data cleansing.

Save time and money

Reduce time spent manually correcting addresses and avoid wasting your marketing budget on incorrectly addressed mail.

Connect with customers

Accurate addresses allow you to communicate with your customers and ensure more of your messages reach the intended recipient.

Quality business data

Clean address data you can rely on for creating accurate intelligence reports for customer insight, profiling and targeting purposes.

We started using Postcode Anywhere's data cleansing services a year or so ago, and now have a robust and accurate contact list. We have successfully re-engaged with ex-supporters, including donors and members, enabling us to regain around £10,000. More importantly, it has allowed us to re-open dialogue with a significant amount of members with lapsed memberships.  Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

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