Perfect for cross-border ecommerce

Wherever you deliver, accurate address details ensure successful delivery first time. Failed overseas deliveries can cost you a lot more than domestic ones in both shipping fees and service resources and take much longer to put right.

Capture+, our international address finder, supports the verification and auto-completion of addresses around the world; whichever countries you deliver to, the setup and running costs are the same. We'll handle the address formats too, so you won't need a separate form for your international customers.

Quality data sources

Verification and auto-completion of addresses in over 240 countries globally comes as standard, with quality data from official partners including Royal Mail, USPS, Canada Post and TomTom you know accurate customer data will be captured in your systems.

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Global Data Coverage

Beside the obvious language differences, there are more than 120 different address formats around the world. There are also accents and unfamiliar characters to deal with, to avoid offending potential overseas customers. Our address validation handles it all to make things easier for you.

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Country Buildings Streets Cities Postalcodes   Coordinates Updated
B = buildings; S = Streets; C = Cities; P = Postalcodes

Enhanced Data Services

In addition to our standard service, you can also choose to add on our enhanced services with the following data sets:

Not Yet Built Data (UK addresses only)

Enhance Capture+ with the 'Not Yet Built' database from Royal Mail (with around 300,000 new homes and offices not yet in the PAF database), it's perfect for retailers and service providers to reassure customers that their address can be found when construction is complete.

Multi Residency Data (UK addresses only)

Capture+ can be enhanced further with 'Multi Residency' data. This file contains over 700,000 records for addresses that have the same postcode and single delivery point, but have been subdivided (converted) into flats.


This additional dataset for Great Britain provides the most comprehensive view of a property lifecycle from planning permission, through construction, occupation, change of use, demolition and beyond. Perfect for local authorities, financial services, insurance quotes or energy and telecommunication installation purposes.


The new Irish Post Code system, specifically designed to overcome addressing issues such as; ‘Surname Clustering’ where lots of addresses are based on occupants names rather than the house name/number or 'Non-Unique Addresses' which resulted in 35% being duplicates. Irish homes and businesses were issued with Postcodes in 2015.

More about Irish data & Eircodes

Latitude-Longitude Coordinates

Capture+ can also return the latitude-longitude coordinates of addresses alongside search results. Providing an accurate physical location which can be passed on to couriers.