Save money

Aside from admin time, re-processing failed payments can incur bank charges each time. Avoid this cost by validating bank details at the point of entry.

Improve customer service

Failed direct debit payments cause delays and disruptions in the service you provide to your customers. Avoid this unnecessary frustration.

Avoid payroll mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes when taking down bank account details. Validate employee details early, to avoid delayed wages and frustration.

Payment Validation features

instant results

Instant results

Enter six-digit sort codes and 8-digit bank account numbers and get instant notification that details are correct, direct debit capable, faster payments supported and CHAPs supported.

Auto-complete bank details

Auto-completes bank details

Instantly returns the Bank Identifier Code (BIC), branch title, address for BACS processing enquiries and telephone number from the sort code entered.

IBAN check

IBAN checks for most European countries

Checks the country code, verifies the correct number of characters are present, looks for the correct BBAN country format and checks for substitution, transposition and shift errors.

Daily updates

Regular updates 

The waiting period for allocation of customer accounts to newly registered sort codes is just six weeks. Seamless data updates ensure you will always recognise new sort codes.


"The results speak for themselves - saving arvato 56% in processing times planned, with potential savings of 65p per payment realised" Arvato

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