Why Capture+ from PCA Predict?

Automatic updates

Once Capture+ has been integrated, data updates will be passed on as soon as they become available with no effect to your service, ensuring you always have the latest quality address information.

Flexible data entry

Capture+ accommodates validating an address using whatever parts you know, from simply a Postcode to searching for an address via company name. Its single search box also gives you the capability to validate addresses on a global scale within your CRM.

Pay-per-click charges

Our pricing comprises an annual user licence, plus credit plan. We only debit your credit when an address is verified within your CRM. We also keep you updated with balance alerts and an auto top-up facility. Annual data licences are available as an alternative to credit plans. Contact us for a quote. 

Trusted suppliers

Our data providers include the Royal Mail (UK), USPS (United States Postal Service), Canada Post, TomTom and UPU (Universal Postal Union). Access to these data sets means that Capture+ can validate accurate international addresses as required.

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