What does the validation result mean?

Using Capture+ to find an address means that all addresses are automatically validated upon entry. Email and mobile number validation requires further handling of the validation result, and an explanation of what can be expected is shown below.

For a more detailed explanation of our validation results, take a look at the relevant API documentation.

Alert Email Validation Mobile Validation
ValidValid The email address was fully validated and can be accepted. The number is valid and can be accepted.
MaybeMaybe The validation process did not complete and may have timed out, or the domain was validated but it is not possible to verify the user exists. Validation was not possible and may have timed out at the local phone provider network level. Proceed with caution - the number may be valid.
InvalidInvalid The email address is not valid and should not be accepted. The number is not valid and should not be accepted.

What does it look like?

See the validation for yourself in our checkout demo

The technical bit

We have full documentation for all of our APIs, including sample code, example request & response data,and input & output specifications. More detailed descriptions of each possible validation result can be found in the respective APIs.