Where is this data collected from?

PCA Predict is the largest supplier of address validation technology in the UK. We serve over 11,000 customers globally, including 40% of the UK’s top 500 internet retailers, with our market-leading address verification technology. During the last 12 months alone we have helped our customers to capture over 1.64 billion orders including 9.5 million on Black Friday 2015.

What the data is based on?

Ecommerce trends offers a unique view of online shopping activity in the UK, as it happens.

The data presented here is indicative of ecommerce transaction volumes in the UK. Data is primarily sourced from address lookups performed by consumers on website forms. Although not every online address lookup results in a completed order, we can make the assumption that this traffic mirrors ecommerce trends.

As PCA Predict continues to grow at double digit levels year on year, to provide robust relevant and reliable statistics, a number of the reports shown use a subset of our database. If we did not do this, the trends shown would be skewed. For example, if we included the entire customer database this year (which includes over 2,000 new customer wins during the last 12 months), then the comparative position would be understated as we do not have data for the previous year for these 2,000 accounts as they are new to the PCA Predict family.

As our Ecommerce Trends are based on either hundreds of millions (or even billions in a number of instances) of transactions every year we believe the data is statistically robust. However, in order to protect the privacy of our customers, it is not possible to identify data or trade levels from individual websites/businesses.

For press

We're happy for you to use Ecommerce Trends as a source of data and statistics; please credit "Ecommerce Trends from PCA Predict" when references are cited and provide web links whenever possible so your readers can find the original source. For more details, to discuss further opportunities, please email our PR team: press@pcapredict.com

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