Increase communication, decrease customer complaints

Uninformed customers are often frustrated customers. Poor communication on order processing, shipment and delivery time can lead to brand complaints and negative social media posts. You can send out email delivery information, but if your customers give you bogus email addresses or cell phone numbers, or accidentally enter typos, your delivery notifications will bounce, leaving customers in the dark.

Communicating with customers on order progress every step of the way - including order confirmation, shipment and delivery - will decrease complaints and increase social media kudos, customer loyalty and brand strength. Customers also appreciate real-time updates via text message - 37% of 18- to 34-year-olds want to receive delivery confirmation via SMS.

To keep customers happy and informed - plus reduce SMS send costs and email deliverability - ensure your database is up-to-date and customers are receiving your communications. Sending SMS notifications with pre-delivery information provided a 12%-17% improvement in first time delivery rates. Stats like this illustrate the importance of capturing accurate data through address, email and cell phone validation.

Validate customer data, increase marketing outreach

Inaccurate customer data can have a negative impact on customer communications and future marketing plans. When dirty data enters your database, email campaigns can fall victim to hard bounces, mail server blacklists and inaccurate email targeting. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 93% of businesses state email is "very important" as it relates to marketing campaigns—making accurate email addresses crucial to capitalize on email's value.

By validating email addresses and ensuring customer information is accurate before it enters your database, you can reduce email bounce rates, improve your sender reputation, increase email deliverability—and transform customer communications and email marketing outreach. There are many reasons why (on average) two thirds of shoppers abandon their cart, and by allowing users to progress with an incorrect email address you lose out on the opportunity to send cart abandonment emails and recover a portion of these lost customers.

An email verification solution should go beyond checking the format of an address and verify that the domain server actually exists. It should also indicate if the user’s mailbox is valid, to ensure that emails can reach their intended destination. Doing these checks in real time allows you to give feedback to the user while they’re still on the page, so they can correct their information.

Stop typos from interfering with quality data

Customers often provide inaccurate information when checking out, which can cause problems with deliveries and customer communication. Errors in delivery addresses, email addresses and phone numbers are very common from customers who are rushing through the checkout process or are nervous about providing real information due to privacy concerns. Typos are especially common from mobile devices, where keyboards are smaller and simplistic auto-correct can play havoc with information accuracy.

Smart address forms can minimize data entry errors with type-ahead technology—predicting the address as the user types, and presenting them with accurate addresses which they can select to auto-fill out the form. Fuzzy matching provides further support, returning valid address data regardless of typos and user mistakes. Innovative address solutions with these features assist customers, and help ensure you’re capturing high quality data.

By using technology that corrects typos and finds the right information every time, you can reduce bogus sign-ups, block incorrect or fake email entries and filter and cleanse your data before it enters your system—and drastically improve your conversion rates.

of companies say that dirty data has a direct impact on their bottom line

of retailers believe customer data can improve future sales and marketing agendas

of retailers said that quality data improves customer insights

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