More accurate deliveries, higher customer retention

In an era of free shipping, one-hour delivery and drone drops, customers have high expectations about efficient product delivery. Failed deliveries not only increase shipping and operational costs, but result in unhappy customers who are unlikely to return to your site, and who can hurt your brand's reputation.

Give customers confidence that their purchase will be delivered to the right place the first time by making sure you've verified their delivery address during the checkout process. Choose a solution that uses postal verified addresses from USPS, Royal Mail, Canada Post and other global carriers to ensure accurate and timely deliveries.

Email and cell phone validation can further reduce the cost of redelivery by offering users the option to receive updates via text message or email. By collecting valid cell phone numbers and email addresses, not only will you have an opportunity to provide shipping updates to your customers instantly, but you can also provide the validated phone number to the shipper, so they can communicate with your customers on shipping times - reducing delivery errors and failed deliveries. By validating you have the right cell phone number, you'll eliminate unnecessary SMS charges as well.

Lower costs, increase operational efficiency

Failed deliveries increase costs for retailers, both in redelivery fees and the administrative burden of rescheduling deliveries and finding accurate addresses. In the average organization, 22% of all contact data is inaccurate. According to DPD Interlink, in some countries first-time delivery rates can be as low as 80%, which can be a massive waste of time and money for the retailer, as well as a hassle for the customer.

Obtaining valid delivery addresses and accurate customer information during the checkout process is one of the easiest ways to fix customer delivery complaints and issues, and improve your percentage of accurate deliveries. Address verification ensures that the data customers provide is correct, which contributes to increased business and operational efficiencies. It also helps keep package delivery costs down by reducing the fees that many postal operators charge for failed deliveries.

Verify addresses globally, like Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Companies with a global customer base need a solution that’s effective over a range of countries and overseas territories.

Global manufacturer, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, has an established customer base worldwide, including in Europe, Australia, America and Asia. The company implemented "premium" address verification to handle postal and zip code verification globally.

By standardizing the format for international addresses, companies like Nescafé can eliminate the need for multiple forms. Auto country selection displays all the valid addresses that could be applied to the data being typed in, without forcing the user to select their country.

"Failed deliveries have a negative impact on the business in terms of reputational damage caused by dissatisfied customers who will not use us again or recommend Nescafé Dolce Gusto to friends or family members," Nescafé Dolce Gusto says. "There's also a significant cost involved in rescheduling a delivery that has failed the first time, as there's administrative time plus the postage cost."

Poor quality data costs US businesses $611 billion every year in postage, printing and staff overheads.

of businesses say address errors impact their performance and customer loyalty

of online shoppers in the US say they wouldn't shop with a retailer again if they failed to deliver

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