Fast and easy checkout, satisfied customers

Great products bring customers to your site, but it’s the shopping experience that keeps them coming back and buying more. A lengthy checkout process contributes to customer frustration and cart abandonment - in fact, 84% of online shoppers will abandon a checkout if the process is too complicated.

In particular, mobile users, who account for approximately 50% of US site visitors and 30% of all ecommerce transactions, can get frustrated by too many keystrokes during checkout. This can lead to input errors, lost customers - and lower ecommerce conversion rates.

To make checkout easy, quick and frictionless, try integrating advanced checkout automation tools that pre-populate address information and cut the time required for form completion. Mobile users appreciate features like “type ahead” address search to speed up the form filling process.

Some browsers offer a simplistic autofill feature, which does not provide address validation and often contains errors and omissions which can increase or worsen data accuracy issues. Autocorrect can also inadvertently change the spelling of words in addresses, causing failed deliveries.

Advanced address verification and validation tools take care of these issues by searching for the correct address as users are typing, and can see past typos and speed up form completion. Make sure your address verification software uses validated data from postal services, like USPS, Canada Post and other quality data providers, to ensure your customer will get their parcel “on-time, the first time.” 

Capture standardized, accurate customer data

Most customer databases contain legacy information captured from form fills. However, such customer-supplied data often contains gaps and inaccuracies. Customers tend to rush through checkout, and with over 130 different address formats globally and no data validation in place, chances are that addresses and contact information won’t be accurately entered - affecting both delivery and future customer communications.

Start with an ecommerce solution that captures standardized data and incorporates advanced address validation. It should automatically adjust to support different address formats, languages and locations, including the postal standards from over 240 recognized postal countries. This removes the need for manual country selection and input for international customers, speeding up the process.

To make sure captured data is as clean as possible, you can help users with “Fuzzy matching,” which offers suggestions to resolve common errors - like typos, spacing, abbreviations and inadvertently added and missing characters.

Positive and proactive customer interactions

Your site should give visitors confidence in your product and your company. However, a lack of communication and poor customer service can lead to unfulfilled expectations, low conversion rates and ultimately a negative impact on your brand.

Instead, build customer loyalty by delivering positive user experiences—from order right through delivery and beyond. Accurate customer contact data will allow you to guide shoppers through the buying process and continue the relationship after the purchase via marketing communications. Keeping customers informed along the way will improve retention, drive repeat orders and uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Satisfied customers will return to your store and become advocates for your brand by telling their friends. “Word of mouth” referral is still the cheapest form of customer acquisition, so it’s crucial to capitalize on this opportunity by collecting quality customer data correctly the first time.

of potential online customers abandon their shopping carts during the checkout stages

of consumers say a poor online shopping experience could be helped with address verification and standardization

of retailers say lengthy/complicated checkout forms are the primary reason consumers abandon their carts

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