What is Fuzzy matching?

Fuzzy matching is the new search logic in Capture+ that improves the user experience when typing addresses into a web form. When an exact match is not found, fuzzy matching is automatically applied to give accurate results and find the correct address, almost anywhere in the world.

Features of Capture+ Fuzzy matching

Weird spacing

Search and find accurate addresses where the user is unsure of the correct spacing or if the user adds or removes spacing between words or characters in error.


Missing or unnecessary characters

Search and find accurate addresses where the user enters additional or omits characters in error. Very easy when entering details quickly, or if typing on a small on screen keyboard.


Search and find accurate addresses where the user spells the address like it sounds. Great for staff who take addresses over the phone and may mishear customers or are unsure of the spelling. Even agents who ask the caller to spell out the address can often mishear the letters and mistake an 'N' for an 'M' - especially difficult if the caller doesn't use the phonetic alphabet.


Abbreviated words

Search and find accurate addresses where the user types addresses using common abbreviations.

Transposed characters

Search and find accurate addresses where the user switches two adjacent letters around in error.


No more country selector!

Capture+ will automatically search for addresses around the world based on what users enter and where they are. You no longer have to click the flag to choose the country to search in. Results can be weighted to show your trading locations first.

Self-learning technology

Another really smart enhancement to Capture+ is its self-learning capability. Based on previous searches it learns to predict what users might be looking for. For example, there might be a common nickname for a town in France; if enough people use it, Capture+ will learn it and return it in future search results.

Try Fuzzy matching for yourself

Things to try:

Add extra spaces, remove spaces
Insert characters, misspell words
Miss out some characters
Use abbreviations like Rd, Apt, Blvd, Hwy
Put characters in the wrong order
Search for an international address

Even more reasons to choose the latest version of Capture+

Make it easy for customers sending to other addresses

When customers order gifts online to send direct to friends or families and don't know the address well, Fuzzy matching can help them to avoid the guesswork.

Reduce errors in your checkout, especially on mobile

Reduce the amount of errors made on your mobile checkout where the reduced screen sizes can often lead to letters being switched or missed out entirely.

Improve data collected by phone, in your contact centre

In busy offices, where operatives often mishear the address of a customer, Fuzzy matching can help to find the right address, no matter what the agent hears.

Global infrastructure upgrade

Alongside the arrival of Fuzzy matching, we're upgrading our infrastructure with additional data-centres, allowing us to deliver a truly global service with international load-balancing, improved failover and even faster service speeds for end-users, wherever they are in the world.

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