Step 1: A person types in a postcode

For example, an online shopper types it into a form on a checkout, or a person working in a call centre types it into their CRM. Those using Capture+ from PCA Predict, can type in any part of the address to start their search, as opposed to just the postcode.

Step 2: The postal code is identified in the database

In our case we work with postal operators such as Royal Mail in the UK and USPS in the United States, as well location suppliers such as TomTom, to maintain a full database of addresses from over 240 countries.

Step 3: A list of matching addresses are returned, from which the user can select the required address

In our case, results are consistently returned within 40 milliseconds. All of our services are delivered via the cloud, meaning you don't have to maintain any address data locally. We only charge for addresses that are retrieved i.e. if a customer does a search but doesn't go on to select any addresses, it won't cost you anything.

The benefits of implementing an address lookup solution?

Good data

The addresses you collect will be accurate and valid, meaning you won't have issues such as missed deliveries and returned mail further down the line.

Better UX

Address auto-fill improves the form filling experience for your user, making it quick and easy for them to enter an address without typos.