Address format

Please note: The elements of an address are represented here in square brackets, e.g. [Line1]. Not all elements will exist for an address. Where they do exist, they will appear in the structure displayed, with spaces, commas and any supplementary words shown as applicable to separate elements. If they do not exist, these extra characters and words need not be displayed. Where an element name is displayed in uppercase, the substituted address element should be presented in uppercase also.


Selecting the right data provider

When selecting a service provider for global address validation you should consider how (and if) that service will support worldwide address formats. Address validation technology from PCA Predict supports correct address formats in over 240 countries and comply with the guidelines provided by the Universal Postal Union to ensure up-to-date and accurate local addressing data.

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Universal Postal Union
Royal Mail
Canada Post

International address validation from PCA Predict

The innovative technology that powers the PCA Predict address validation service allows the user to type any part of the address and successfully return complete and accurate addresses, taking into consideration any typos, from anywhere in the world, standardised to that country's specific format.