£159 million lost at the supermarket checkout every week

159 million pound wasted at the supermarket every weekWorcester, UK - 29 August 2013 – Supermarkets are losing up to £159 million in online sales due to hidden delivery charges and prolonged checkout processes, according to new research published today by Postcode Anywhere.

The OnePoll study of UK consumers found that woman were the most impatient online shoppers, with over half of those questioned admitting they would rather leave their e-baskets when faced with completing long registration forms. With the average weekly shop now estimated at £54.80, this means businesses are losing up to £159 million in weekly sales by failing to address widespread consumer concerns.*

One of those questioned, Angelina Hunt, 29, from London commented: “Online shopping should, in theory, be the easiest option but by the time I’ve entered a billing and delivery address, I am then faced with pages and pages of registration forms. Sometimes it’s just less hassle to go in-store to make my purchases.’

As the fastest growing sector in the retail industry, ecommerce practices have naturally come under increased scrutiny by consumer watchdogs in recent years. Over a third of shoppers are now abandoning their online shopping at least once a month with nearly 30 per cent of these cancelling orders on a weekly basis.

Hidden delivery charges were a key bugbear for many; a staggering 53 per cent of respondents revealed they would cancel an order if a website deliberately hid shipping charges until later in the checkout process.

Guy Mucklow, CEO of Postcode Anywhere, comments: “Online grocery shopping can be the easiest solution for time-poor families and professionals, but retailers are fundamentally failing to understand their customers’ needs. The millions of pounds sitting in online baskets can be converted into sales if supermarkets, and ecommerce retailers in general, take simple steps to streamline their checkout processes and put an end to hidden charges.”

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£159 million lost at the supermarket checkout every week

Women are the most impatient online shoppers

Over a third of consumers abandon shopping once a month

53% of consumers abandon shopping carts because of hidden delivery charges