A new name: Postcode Anywhere rebrand for international expansion

Postcode anywhere is now PCA PredictWorcester, UK - 20 July 2015 – Leading address management provider, Postcode Anywhere, has today announced a rebranding to PCA Predict to mark the company’s international expansion and diversification of its data services.

Founded by Guy Mucklow and Jamie Turner in 2001 Postcode Anywhere is the market leader for online address auto-fill. As the business develops its suite of services and reaches a broader audience, it has undergone a rebranding to better reflect the company’s capabilities.

Since its initial launch Postcode Anywhere expanded its range of data services to include Capture+, the first predictive search tool for addresses. More recently it has developed its personalisation service, Triggar, which takes statistical patterns from online behavior to predict the likelihood of a website visitor successfully completing a journey.

Guy Mucklow, CEO of PCA Predict comments: “It often happens, as businesses grow, that things no longer fit. Offices are no longer right for the size of your ambitions, things that were perfect at the start are no longer the right fit and so, occasionally it happens with names too.

“Over the years we've stuck with our name as have many of our very loyal customers. Whilst we have over 15 years of investment in our brand, we’ve realised it doesn't travel very well. Americans, for example know postcodes as zip codes, and ‘code’ to many these days is what software people do. So with ambitions to grow internationally and a whole suite of new data services on the horizon, we've had a bit of a rethink.

“PCA Predict is a reflection of where we’ve come from and where the business will be focused in the years to come. It will help us to explain why we're different and allow us to nurture and develop our growing portfolio of products under a single name.

“So, the new branding isn’t just cosmetic – it’s a reflection of the journey we’ve been on since we started all those years ago.”