Retailers should prepare for the busiest Black Friday ever says PCA Predict

Black Friday live with Ecommerce Trends
  • Black Friday transactions will continue to grow by a further 20-25% on 2015
  • Mobile to overtake desktop usage to account for over 50% of all transactions
  • Retailers to extend discounting in the run up to Black Friday in an attempt to protect supply chains
  • More than nine million orders will be placed on Black Friday

Worcester, UK - 14 November 2016 – Ecommerce software providers, PCA Predict, have analysed the online shopping habits captured over the last few years to predict a record-breaking Black Friday weekend this year.

Chris Harle COO of PCA Predict said: “The phenomenon of Black Friday is now a firm fixture in the retailer calendar. Looking at the ecommerce trends over the last few years and conversations with our 11,000 plus ecommerce customers, we’re anticipating one of the biggest Black Friday weekends ever for ecommerce activity.

“As the consumer appetite for Black Friday increases, we’re expecting to see up to 20-25 per cent more online transactions this year, making it a huge opportunity that retailers simply can’t afford to ignore.

“This year, we’re also expecting earlier pre-Black Friday sales events in a concerted effort to spread sales and avoid some of the logistical headaches experienced in previous years. Instead of seeing a huge spike, we are likely to see a steady growth across the whole week, as shoppers become more accustomed to pre-Christmas discounting.

“Black Friday is very much on consumers’ own terms - they shop when they want, where they want, on the channel that is most convenient to them. Last year, we saw instances where mobile overtook desktop, accounting for 34 per cent of online activity across the holiday shopping period. This trend is expected to continue this year, with mobile usage surpassing that of 2015. In fact, we’re expecting mobile shopping to account for over 50 per cent of total ecommerce transactions on Black Friday this year, taking a larger territory from both desktop and tablets.

“There is no doubt that Black Friday has dramatically changed the way people shop over the festive season. As competition for customer spend is growing, retailers will need to be smarter about their digital strategies ensuring that their sites are fully optimised and easy to use across every device.”

PCA Predict is the market-leading address validation software company. PCA Predict’s Ecommerce Trends aggregates billions of transactions from the UK’s leading online retailers to provide a benchmark of the ecommerce landscape.

Last year, PCA Predict’s Ecommerce Trends found:

  • Black Friday 2015 was the busiest online shopping period to date in the UK, with online sales exceeding all expectations.
  • There was a 4% drop in high street shoppers and a further move towards online shopping.
  • Mobile took off in a big way, with customers using their phones to shop, check directions, prices and opening hours.
  • Black Friday eclipsed traditional Boxing Day sales by more than 3 times.