Celtic Manor Resort updates website with Postcode Anywhere

Celtic Manor Resort Updates website with Capture PlusWorcester, UK - 28 August 2014 – The award-winning Celtic Manor Resort has selected Postcode Anywhere’s ‘what’s your postcode?’ technology to improve its online booking system.

The five-star resort, which is preparing to host the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Summit on 4-5 September 2014, selected the auto-complete technology in order to upgrade its online booking process and ensure a consistent and credible online experience.

Paul Jones, Online Systems Manager at Celtic Manor Resort, said: “As a world-class five star destination, customer experience and service is a top priority both online and across traditional off line services. Our customers are used to receiving the very best service at our resort, and likewise our digital customers have become accustomed to receiving a high standard of service on our website.

“Making a customer-friendly booking process requires simplicity. Making use of a postcode to pre-populate a booking form makes perfect sense to our customers, reducing form entry requirements and most importantly, time.

“The implementation of Capture+ allows our customers to complete the booking process in less time than ever before and cutting the purchase journey has increased completion on all services.

“The consensus from independent usability studies has been very positive with the address finder praised for being particularly easy to use. Our customers seem to love our website and the addressing solution!”

Capture+ expands on the web-based “what’s my postcode?” technology that Postcode Anywhere pioneered over a decade ago to provide a better way of capturing UK and international addresses. 

Guy Mucklow CEO of Postcode Anywhere said: “The value of a fast, efficient booking process which enables someone to register and validate their address details in seconds is becoming essential in any website, as many companies like Celtic Manor are now discovering.

“Celtic Manor is a fantastic example of a company which has successfully reflected the luxury and sophistication of its brand online. Address validation plays a discreet but vital function for this, something their online success is a testament to.”

Capture+ is now the main address completion service in ecommerce checkouts and can be integrated in under an hour with pre-built integrations for major CRM and ecommerce platforms. For more information on integrating Capture+ in your website, CRM or Epos System, the Postcode Anywhere website has more details.