95% of UK consumers plan to use click and collect this Christmas

Postcode-anywhere-sponsors-database-marketingWorcester, UK – 29 October 2014 – Ninety five per cent of UK consumers plan to use click and collect this Christmas, according to the latest report from address capture company, Postcode Anywhere.

The survey polled shoppers on a range of questions relating to their click and collect experiences. Of the 2,400 respondents, only 5% said they wouldn’t use click and collect this Christmas.

Over two thirds of respondents said the main reason for using click and collect is the convenience of not having to wait in all day for a delivery and to avoid the cost of shipping. Incidentally, almost 80% of the online shoppers polled, stated that they’d expect click and collect to be offered for free.


Key Findings

  • Top three items consumers intend to purchase through click and collect this Christmas are Gadgets and wearables (25%), household technology (23%) and clothes, shoes and accessories (22%).
  • Argos was rated as the retailer offering the best click and collect user experience.
  • Over two thirds of UK consumers have used click and collect compared to just 9% in the US.
  • 88% of Americans said they have never even heard of click and collect.

Guy Mucklow, CEO of Postcode Anywhere said: “This is a new era of purchaser power, putting the customer back into the driving seat.

“We know from our own research that the cost of delivery and inconvenient delivery times are the two biggest obstacles of online shopping, making click and collect an increasingly attractive option. Consumers want to be able to receive their purchases at a time and place that suits them. For retailers there is the added benefit of increased footfall – something that the rise in online shopping has harnessed. Studies have found that 40% of consumers are proven to pick up something extra in store whilst collecting their click and collect order.

“Retailers should be preparing themselves for this consumer trend, thinking beyond traditional delivery methods and investing in multichannel technology. The survey results highlight that if click and collect isn’t offered this Christmas, the retailer is going to lose business.”

Postcode Anywhere provides Store Finder technology for some of the largest retailers, making it easy for customers to find their nearest collection point. For more information about Store Finder, the Postcode Anywhere website has more details.