Changing the guard at PCA Palace

CTO Jamie Turner becomes CEOWorcester, UK – 27 January 2016 – President and former CEO of technology company PCA Predict, Guy Mucklow, has today announced the appointment of current CTO, Jamie Turner to the position of CEO.

Turner will be taking over Mucklow’s role as CEO to drive the company’s product strategy, while he will be taking on the role of President spending more time in the US helping to develop the market for PCA Predict’s services. Guy’s new remit will be to build upon the brand and reputation the company has established in the UK and mirror the same success across the pond.

Chris Harle who joined PCA Predict last year as CFO from M&M Direct, a leading UK ecommerce business, will be moving to COO to reflect his wider role in its executive team.

Mucklow said: “I have been in the CEO role at PCA Predict since we started and have spoken on a number of occasions with Jamie in the last few years about transitioning into a role which plays more to my own strengths of relationship and brand building for the business.

“Our recent decision to couple our predictive analytics services with the market-leading data validation technology that we provide to over 10,000 businesses, has focussed the need internally on a very clear and strong product strategy, which Jamie is far better equipped than I am to deliver.

“Like many founders, we have always worked exceptionally well together.  We have an incredibly strong bond and mutual trust which has been built up over the 16 years of seeing the business go through its many phases of growth and I am very much looking forward to supporting Jamie as he steps into his new role as CEO.”

Founded by Mucklow and Turner as a privately funded unknown start-up in 2001 the company now has 10,000 global customers and is a phenomenal success story. Processing 50 per cent of all UK address lookups it is now the UK’s leader for online address auto-fill. With a multi-million pound turnover it opened a fully-staffed New York office in the latter part of 2015 with plans to acquire more offices in key global locations.