Ethical Superstore reduces cart abandonment with Postcode Anywhere

Ethical Superstore Improves Cart AbandonmentWorcester, UK - 13 August 2013 Spark Etail is the UK’s leading online retailer serving the ethical shopping market, bringing together two pioneers in the sector, Natural Collection and

After implementing Postcode Anywhere’s address validation tool, Capture+, across their ecommerce sites, Ethical Superstore has been able to significantly reduce cart abandonment rates, and provide a much stronger user experience for their customers.

“Naturally we wanted a solution to make the check-out process as seamless and user-friendly as possible,” said Andy Redfern, founder of “Capture+ was perfect for our requirements.

“Since using Capture+ we have noticed a marked improvement in website conversions. Prior to the change we had 97.74% of customers successfully completing the delivery address page. This rose to 98.11% in the four weeks after the change was made and then has stabilised at 98.39% in subsequent four weeks. Its changes like this at the margins that help to incrementally improve user experience.

A 100% improvement

“From a user experience perspective Capture+ reduces form completion and our cart abandonment rates have decreased significantly. Before Capture+ it was approximately 1 in 50 and now it’s 1 in 100. A 100% improvement in fact.

“Capture+ is also perfect for mobile devices. Our customers only need to enter a small fragment of their address before the technology kicks in and populates the address fields for them. This obviously saves the customer a huge amount of time and enhances their user experience considerably.

Guy Mucklow, CEO of Postcode Anywhere commented: “With as much as 60% of all website traffic now going through mobile devices, such as phones or tablets, it has become far more important to provide the best experience in data entry, to engage the customer.

“We’ve all experienced the so-called “fat-finger” syndrome where sometimes amusing, although more often annoying errors, creep into our typing because of the tight space on mobile keyboards and screens. Capture+ solves these problems reducing the monotonous task of address entry to a single click.

For more information about how you can reduce your cart abandonment rates with Capture+, please visit the Postcode Anywhere website.