Postcode Anywhere CEO Guy Mucklow re-elected to the Board of Intellect

Postcode Anywhere

Worcester, UK – 8 May 2013 – Guy Mucklow, entrepreneur and CEO of business efficiency software company Postcode Anywhere, has today been re-elected to sit on the board of Intellect.

Founded in May 2002, Intellect is the UK trade association for the IT, telecoms and electronics industries, of which Postcode Anywhere is a member.

Postcode Anywhere is best known for its “what’s your postcode?” technology, used to complete an address online. Over 8,000 businesses worldwide use this award-winning software to reduce the number of undeliverable orders and speed up data collection.

Guy Mucklow, who joins other senior executives from some of the world’s leading high tech organisations such as Oracle, BT, Intel and Blackberry said: “It’s a great honour to be re-elected on the Board of Intellect, joining the ranks of leading influencers in the UK technology industry.

“Intellect is incredibly valuable to organisations involved in the UK IT sector, particularly as more policy initiatives will be driven through trade associations after the recent changes highlighted in Michael Hesseltine’s Growth report.  

“The networking opportunities from our involvement with Intellect are  priceless and for someone who is passionate about seeing a successful technology sector in our home market it gives me access and the ability to help shape policy debates and the future of our industry.

“Technology drives innovation and growth, and in my view it’s the small-medium-sized companies that can generally be found at the cutting edge.”

Intellect provides a collective voice for its members and drives connections with government and business to create a commercial environment in which they can thrive. It represents over 850 companies, ranging from SMEs to multinationals.

Intellect’s board meets six times a year to debate the challenges and opportunities for the technology industry. The places on Intellect's board are contested in elections in the spring.