Jamie Turner joins eCommerce & Omni-channel line up at Ecommerce Expo

Worcester, UK - 30 September 2014  Postcode Anywhere co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jamie Turner, will be presenting at Ecommerce Expo on 2nd October discussing how the company has used its own big data application, Triggar, to grow a highly successful business, which now has over 8,000 customers, on a headcount of less than 50 employees.

Triggar is a self-service platform developed as a way of helping Postcode Anywhere immediately identify and resolve problems at different stages in the customer journey. The talk will also share insights on how retailers can capture 'big' customer data, analyse it, and then respond in real-time to the data gold within each unique interaction.

Jamie Turner introduces big data platform at Ecommerce Expo

Jamie Turner comments: “In the era of Big Data, an intuitive customer service experience is the only way businesses will be able to keep up with client expectations and move towards solutions that act automatically and independently.

Successful data mining can fundamentally change how enterprises gain insights into their customers which is the why we developed and continue to innovate data-driven retail software such as Triggar.”

Jamie will be showcasing Triggar in his presentation titled ‘Customer footprints: looking for and responding to needles in the data haystack’ on the Thursday, 2nd October 2014 in the eCommerce & Omni-channel Experience theatre at Ecommerce Expo from 10.45am.

For more information please visit the Triggar website.