Postcode Anywhere Enhances Data Sets for New Zealand

Postcode Anywhere Enhances Data Sets for New ZealandWorcester, UK - 12 February 2013 – Global address validation provider, Postcode Anywhere, has highlighted the importance of correct addresses following the announcement that New Zealand Post is considering cutting its postal deliveries by half.

Postcode Anywhere’s address validation service, Capture+, ensures customer addresses are verified against the New Zealand Postal Address File (PAF) which contains over 1.8 million delivery points. This enhancement will help customers ensure that mailings and shipments are correctly addressed in order to reach their destination in New Zealand.

The UK-based company is already providing data improvement services for some of the major ecommerce and businesses based in the US and around the world.

Jamie Turner, Chief Technology Officer at Postcode Anywhere said: “We’re seeing increasing interest for international addressing, particularly in Australasian markets. As revenues plateau in developed markets, expansion into developing markets is a popular means for both B2B and B2C businesses to reach new growth targets and boost returns. However, the issues of poor data quality or incorrectly formatted address data are intensified when challenged with different customs, address formats and languages. 

“As a small, sparsely populated country distant from world markets, a failed delivery becomes a much more expensive and time consuming problem to rectify. Not to mention some of the addressing idiosyncrasies specific to the country and the requirements needed for the three different types of address; urban, rural and PO Box. New suburban developments and changes in postal delivery mean that postcode information changes regularly in New Zealand; this is obviously a nightmare for any business trying to keep up.

“Of course, these issues become even more prevalent now that New Zealand Post is considering slashing its delivery down from six days a week to just three. This is an enormous drop, and the effects and delays consumers and businesses could face because of an inaccurate address would be detrimental to all parties concerned.

“With this in mind, all Capture+ customers will now be able to type a fragment of an address and return a completed and fully validated record from New Zealand Post. The high quality and detailed reference data will provide 100 per cent postal coverage for the country. We’re hoping this move will make buying and selling across the world much easier, bringing international trade that one step closer.”

Postcode Anywhere’s latest software, Capture+, provides address validation for over 240 countries to ensure speedy postal delivery around the world. For more information on Capture+, or to find out more about Postcode Anywhere’s other address validation services, the Postcode Anywhere website has further details.