Postcode Anywhere launches new international address finder

Postcode Anywhere releases stats for Cyber MondayWorcester, UK – 05 June 2014 – Data quality experts, Postcode Anywhere announced today the availability of its latest international validation software, Capture+, offering an even smarter way of finding an address.

Postcode Anywhere will release the latest version of its international address finder on stand IW700 at Internet World, part of London Technology Week.

The new release includes searching enhancements and a greater tolerance for classic data entry mistakes as well as improved location-based searching to make buying goods on mobile handsets quicker and more accurate. Capture+ expands on the web-based “what’s my postcode?” technology Postcode Anywhere pioneered over a decade ago to provide a better way of capturing international addresses.

The software is now the main address completion service in ecommerce checkouts and is also provided back to Canada Post and Royal Mail, who use it in their online address finder services.

New features of Capture+

Improved address searching – Users can omit multiple words from an address line, or miss whole address lines altogether and still find their address. The updated Capture+ can now also recognise common misspellings.

Location based searching – Addresses are ranked in order of proximity to your location making it easier to find the most likely address – a huge time saver when you consider how many ‘High Street’s there are in the UK.

Multilingual - If your business works across borders, users can now type in English, Welsh or a mixture of both and receive results in their preferred language.

Responsive – Find an address on any device.

Guy Mucklow CEO said: “Increasing success rate when selling online is all about removing some of the potential day to day frustrations faced by customers.

“With as much as 60% of all website traffic now going through mobile devices, where screen sizes are limited, using tools such as Capture + which enables anyone, anywhere to quickly find and validate their address details in just a few keystrokes, can spell the difference between a successful sale or not.

For more information on integrating Capture+ in your website, CRM or Epos System, the Postcode Anywhere website has more details.