Postcode Anywhere release new integration for NetSuite

Postcode Anywhere releases Netsuite integrationWorcester, UK – 04 November 2014 – Postcode Anywhere, the ‘what’s your postcode’ people, today announced the availability of Capture+ for the latest version of NetSuite 2014.2. With its easy to install package, Capture+ enables NetSuite users to validate UK and international address details at the point of entry.

Capture+ combines search-engine style auto-predict technology with worldwide address datasets making entering customer details in NetSuite’s ERP and Omni-channel software suite quicker and more accurate.

With its simple drag-and-drop set-up, improved search methods and enhanced global data sets, the integration is single-handedly changing the industry from using slow, multi-stage address verification to a simple, intuitive process that will allow you to capture and verify address details in a single step. 

The new interface from NetSuite is designed to make it faster and easier than ever before to interact with information and will allow users to enjoy a more intuitive and visually engaging work experience. NetSuite, which uses HTML 5, is also optimized for different screen sizes such as tablets and smartphones.

Postcode Anywhere’s CEO Guy Mucklow, believes that Capture+ provides a perfect fit for Netsuite’s recently unveiled service. “Integrating with NetSuite will enable us to offer customers a consistent experience of capturing international address data around the world, where they can type any fragment of an address and return a complete and fully validated record in seconds.

“By preventing incorrect addresses from becoming part of your database, you can improve customer satisfaction and your profitability. With Postcode Anywhere’s address auto-completion, businesses can trust their data to provide a 360 degree view of their customers, the process is streamlined and international address entry becomes faster and more efficient.”

Capture+ integrates seamless with NetSuite 2014.2 providing address data quality management for over 240 countries. For more information, the Postcode Anywhere website has more details.