UK’s Most Eggcentric Addresses

Postcode Anywhere looks to Microsoft Convergence 2013

Worcester, UK – 28 March 2013 – New data from address validation software provider, Postcode Anywhere, has found Midlothian boasts the most Easter-themed street names in the UK, with West Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire scrambling for second and third place in the rankings. Midlothian has a total of 36 Easter street names, with residents on Easter Road and Easter Park Drive celebrating the holiday all year round. 

 The eggcitment doesn’t stop there; a total of 337 Easter streets, avenues, and crescents were found throughout the UK. The research also identified nine Bunny Hills, three Bonnett Lanes and 56 Egg Roads and Streets.

 Less common but still enjoying the long weekend all year round is Chicken Road in Tyne and Wear, Eggshell Lane in Essex, Lent Green in Buckinghamshire and Nest Lane in Northamptonshire. Moreover, families in the north of England are likely to receive a visit from the Easter bunny this season with a monopoly on Rabbit Lanes in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Derbyshire.

 Guy Mucklow, CEO, Postcode Anywhere said: “When we decided to trawl through our UK postcode data we were stunned to find quite so many Easter themed places.  For most of us, Easter comes but once a year, so it’s nice to see some can share the spring spirit all year round!”

Table 1 – Counties with the most Easter street names

Rank   Country  No. of Easter names
 1  Midlothian  36
 West Yorkshire  23
 3 Nottinghamshire   16
 4  Greater Manchester  14
 5  Durham  12
6  Hampshire  10
 7  Kent  10
 8  Dorset  9
 9  West Midlands  9
10   Devon  8
 11  Essex  8
 12  Merseyside  8
 13  Wiltshire  8