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Magento 1 Extension - Setup Guide

Before you can install the PCA Predict module you need to obtain an extension key from Magento Connect or download the module package file from us. Once you have that you're ready to get started.

NOTE: These instructions are for Magento 1. If you are using version 2, please use the Magento 2 setup guide.

Video Guide


Install the extension into your Magento store

To set up the extension:

  • Head to your Magento Admin Panel then to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.
  • You will see a listing of all the extensions currently installed in your Magento store - if you have any extensions from PCA Predict already, uninstall these, and clear the Magento cache (Magento Admin Panel > System > Cache Management > Flush Magento Cache) before proceeding.
  • Paste your Extension Key into Magento Connect Manager, and click Install, then Proceed, or browse for the downloaded package file and click Upload.
  • The console at the bottom of the page will report when the module has been installed and the cache has been cleared.
Install the extension

Create an Account

If you don’t already have a PCA Predict Account, you will need to create one at

Magento Settings

To set up your details:

  • Return to the Admin Panel, and head to System > Configuration > PCA Predict – Settings.
    Note: if you get a 404 error you may need to log out of the Admin Panel and log back in again.
  • In the PCA Predict settings page within Magento, enter your PCA Predict Account Code.
  • Click Save Config to commit these changes.
Enter your key details
  • Within System > Configuration, Under Advanced > Admin, set ‘Allow Magento Frontend to run in frame’ to 'Enabled' before running the setup in your PCA Predict Account Dashboard. Remember to turn this off again after the setup is complete.
  • Click Save Config to commit these changes.
Enter your key details

Configuring the services

Once you have entered your PCA Predict Account Code, visit your PCA Predict Account Dashboard to set up Address Validation, and (optional) Email & Phone Validation services, following the setup instructions to configure each new service on your website.

For help with the PCA Predict setup process, you might find our general Setup Guide useful.

Test it

That's all you need to do! Now head to your checkout page to see the verification services in action.

Test the verification


Our Magento extension can be customized to better suit your requirements and will work alongside 3rd party checkout extensions, such as 'OneStepCheckout'.

Remember, if you have any problems we're here to help.