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PCA Predict for Netsuite

The PCA Predict Address Lookup bundle for NetSuite will allow your users to search for and fill out addresses quickly, easily and accurately.

Install the bundle

Go to the CustomizationSuiteBundlerSearch & Install page.

Search for "PCA Predict" and select the PCA Predict Address Lookup bundle to install it.

Enter your PCA Predict account details

In order to access our address lookup web services you will need an account and a key. You can sign up for an account by registering on our website. Once you have logged into your account you can create a new API Key.

From the NetSuite menu go to CustomizationLists, Records, & FieldsRecord Types.

Find the PCA Predict Config record type, and select New Record. Only one record should exist, so if you already have one or want to edit your key go to List - Edit

Enter your API key here and Save the record.

Enable the PCA Predict address form

Navigate to CustomizationFormsAddress Forms

Select Edit on the PCA Predict form

Go to the Country tab and select all of the countries you wish to enable address auto-complete for.

Once you have finished, Save the changes.

Entering an address

To enter an address create a new Lead, Account, or Contact etc. When you add a new address you will see the PCA Predict address entry form.

Select the Country and start typing the address in the Address Search field. You can start with any part of the address, not just the postcode.

When you have found the address, select it to populate the address fields. You can then make any modifications if necessary and click OK to commit the address.

Remember, if you have any problems we're here to help.