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PCA Predict for OS Commerce

To start with you need to get the address look-up plugin. The osCommerce plugin can be downloaded from here.

Installing the PCA Predict Module

Once downloaded, extract the module into your osCommerce root folder. This will add the module into the Module folder and overwrite the default address_book_details.php. If you are using a custom template you will need to manually place the address_book_details.php file in the Shop/Application/Account/pages folder.

Tip: The module includes a backup of this original file which can be reinstated at any point.

To enable the module, go to your osCommerce admin panel and select Applications > Modules > Services. Select + Install to bring up the available modules which you can install, and you should see the PCA Predict Module listed here. Click the play install button which will install the module and bring up the configuration page.

All services provided by PCA Predict require a key to access, and you need to enter one in the module set-up window. If you don't have one on your account already you can set one up here.

The PCA Predict address lookup module

Your other set-up option is whether to use Royal Mail data. By default address look-ups will use the international address dataset that will provide street-level data only for the UK. If you want more detailed, premise-level UK address data from Royal Mail, then you will need a Royal Mail website credit pack. If you plan to use international data as well as UK data you will need both a Royal Mail credit pack and a standard credit pack.

All done

Once you click Save the installation is complete. Your address finder module is now ready to use.