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PCA Predict for PrestaShop

After creating your Capture+ key you will need to copy and paste the following URL into your browser, ensuring you enter your Capture+ key accordingly if it is not already present in the link :

Setting up Capture+ in PrestaShop

The following will add the Capture+ address look-up functionality to all the address fields within default templates used in your PrestaShop store.

First you will need to download the PrestaShop plugin and extract the contents of the .zip file to your root PrestaShop folder. This adds the PCA Predict Address Lookup module to your PrestaShop installation, and also changes some the default theme files to include the address look-up functionality.

To install the plugin, login to your PrestaShop admin panel and load the Modules page. Find thePCA Predict Address Lookup Module in the list of modules presented and click Install. You will then need to provide the module with your Capture+ key. Do this by clicking Configure for the installed module (you may need to refresh the page for the option to become available). Once you have entered your key click Update to save the changes to the module.

All done

That’s it. Your address look-up module is now installed for the default PrestaShop templates. To use it go to any page within your store which uses the default address template and start typing in an address as in the screenshot below.

Address capture in Prestashop