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PCA Predict for Sage CRM

First of all, you should download the address validation plugin files here.

Installing the component

The PCA Predict component will add the address lookup functionality to all the standard address entry screens with Sage CRM. The component can be installed as follows:

  • Login to Sage CRM and navigate to Administration > Customization > Component Manager.
  • Under the Add Component pane select Browse... Find the component on your local machine and select Open.
  • Once you have selected the component click on Upload new component and it should then appear in the list of available components.
  • Select it from the list and then select Install Component.
  • Under the Apply all changes? dropdown select Yes and again select Install Component.
  • The component will then install. Select Continue to complete the process.

Enter your details

If you now go to any of the standard address entry screens you will see that the address look-up functionality has been added. At this stage if you try to perform a look-up you will get an error as you have not yet entered your PCA Predict key. Your key needs to be entered as follows:

  • Navigate to Administration > Customization > Company > Screens and check the Inline Customization checkbox.
  • From the left-hand column select Main Menu then New which will bring up the create new Company screen. Enter a company name and select Enter Company Details to proceed through to the main details screen.
  • Within the Address block select Customize Screen and you will notice that the PCA Predict script appears within the Custom Content field.
  • Find and replace the AA11-AA11-AA11-AA11 key within this script with your own PCA Predict Key and select Save.


Repeat steps 1- 5 for the Lead screen to complete the installation and fully enable the address look-up functionality as shown below.

Look up an address in Sage CRM