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PCA Predict for SAP

Step 1 - Create a new web service

Go to Application and User Management WC > Business Flexibility > Web Service Authoring. Select New > SOAP Service. Enter a service name and description and then copy/paste the following WSDL URL:

Click the Import button to fetch the web service details.

To use the service you must enter an API key into the input parameters.If you don't already have a key to use you can login to your account and use the setup wizard to create one. Click Save to confirm your changes.

You can now enter any postal code into the "Search term" field (second row) in the Constant column and use the Simulate button on the right to check the result.

Step 2 Create a new BusinessByDesign Mashup

Go to Application and User Management WC > Business Flexibility > Mashup Authoring, and select New > Data Mashup. Be sure to select Reverse Lookup as the Mashup Category, then click Next.

Build the Mashup Logic by pulling the newly built Web Service and the Out-Port into the pane. Connect the blocks and select the In-Port. You can enter data in the fields on the right to test the Mashup. As an example, enter the postal code WR2 6NJ and press enter or click the Preview Result button to see a full result list.

On the right you can assign the different columns of the result list to the available Out-Port parameter. Columns can be hidden by clicking the - button to the left of each field. As an example, you can hide the Id field as it's not a field a user would need to see.

Once you've finished editing the fields click the Apply button to check the results. When you're happy with the list click Next - make sure you remove the postal code that you tested with first.

Click the Finish button to make the new Mashup available for use.

Step 3 Add the Mashup to the Floorplan

The process is very similar for adaptation and personalization. We can personalize our new Mashup into the Create new Corporate Account for a given user. The look-up is triggered by entering a postal code and selecting our new web service via Web Services > PostcodeAnywhere data Mashup.

To get started, go to WoC Account Management and select New Corporate Account. Next choose Personalize > This Screen. In the pane on the right, click on Mashups and Web Services and check the newly created Mashup. Save and exit the Personalization.

To try it out, select New Corporate Account and enter the postal code WR2 6NJ. Click on the Web Services button and select the new Mashup to launch a popup with the results list.

Simply click on the desired address and click the Select button. The address data is then transferred into the fields on the address form.