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Desktop Client

The PCA Predict Desktop Client integrates PCA services direct into any Windows application. It's fast and easy to set up, even for novice users, but is powerful enough to meet the needs of the most demanding.

If you enter a postcode into a new application, PCA will prompt you to create a new rule. Rules describe how the address should be entered in the application and are easy to set up and edit.

PCA Predict desktop client

When you create rules, you can make them personal (just for you) or public (for anyone on your account). If you create a public rule, that rule is instantly sent to all the other Desktop Clients on your network so your colleagues can start using it as well!

Shared rules can only be edited by you so they are great for tech support teams to push out instant settings across the network. For advanced users, there's a sophisticated policy-based restriction system to limit whether users can create or edit rules, and which features are available to them.

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