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Magento 2 Extension - Setup Guide

NOTE: These instructions are for Magento 2. If you are using version 1, please use the Magento setup guide .

From your Magento 2 Store

Magento 2 offers you an easier way to install extensions and updates by synchronizing your purchases from the marketplace to your store. If you have this setup, you can simply purchase our extension for free and then use the updater to install it into your Magento 2 site.

When the app is installed you can continue to the Magento Settings section to setup your field mappings.

Manual Install

Alternatively if you have access to your store filesystem you can install it manually.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Locate app/code/ directory, which should be under the magento root installation.
  • If the code  folder is not there, create it.
  • Create a folder called PCAPredict  inside the located app/code/ .
  • Create a folder called Tag  in the PCAPredict  folder.
  • Extract the contents of the .ZIP file to the Tag  folder you just created.

Step 3

  • Refer to the Magento 2 documentation for full instructions on how to install an app. In development mode, the commands should be something similar to the following:

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade - This will tell magento to install the app

    php bin/magento cache:flush - This will clear any old cache 

Create an Account

If you don’t already have a PCA Predict Account, you will need to create one at

Magento Settings

The configuration for the extension is located under: Stores > Other Settings > PCA Predict Settings .

Configuring the services

Once you have entered your PCA Predict Account Code and Password, the app will setup the required keys for your magento store. These keys can be managed by logging into your PCA Predict Account .

Main Options

We have added two input textboxes where you can insert javascript that you might want to load on your page when our app loads.

  • Back-end custom javascript - This is for any custom javascript to be injected into the back-end of the website when the app loads.
  • Front-end custom javascript - This is for any custom javascript to be injected into the front-end of the website when the app loads.

Test it

Once you've completed the setup, head to your online checkout page and admin area to see the verification services in action.


Our Magento extension can be customized to better suit your requirements and will work alongside 3rd party checkout extensions, such as 'OneStepCheckout'.

Remember, if you have any problems we're here to help .