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Do I have to upgrade to the new version of Capture+?

No, if you need to continue with version 2 of Capture+ then that’s ok - we’d recommend you give the latest version a try as soon as you can because the new features offer many benefits to your business and your customers: better UX for your users (coping with typos and automatically searching international addresses), faster server response times, better failover and truly global load-balancing.

How can I upgrade to fuzzy Capture+?

In order to use Capture+ address validation with the new Fuzzy matching features, you will need to upgrade your PCA Predict installation to use the PCA Tag. Select the new setup process available in your account dashboard (under 'New Service') and replace your existing Capture+ code with the new PCA Tag. Follow the steps on screen to complete setup; you will also have opportunity to install phone and email validation services during the setup.

Follow our quick setup guide for step-by-step instructions. If you need assistance our support team are on hand to chat during setup.

How does fuzzy matching improve address verification UX?

Fuzzy matching in Capture+ helps people to find the address they’re searching for more quickly because it can still find accurate addresses even when users mix upper and lower case, enter typos, press a wrong key, miss or add spaces, and search for addresses not in their local country. Typing errors are increasingly common when forms are completed on mobile devices.

What is the self-learning technology in Capture+?

Based on previous address searches, Capture+ learns to predict what users might be looking for. For example, there might be a common nickname for a town in France; if enough people use it, Capture+ will learn it and return it in future search results.

What is Fuzzy matching?

Fuzzy matching is the new search logic in Capture+ that enables users to find an address even when there are typos or letters missing in the text a user enters. It also means that users can find addresses around the world without needing to specify the country.

What kinds of typos does PCA Predict’s Fuzzy matching deal with?

The fuzzy logic in Capture+ handles misspellings, abbreviations, weird spacing, missing or unnecessary characters, transposed characters, substituted characters and even finds addresses from other countries around the world when it can’t find a match locally. Capture+ also copes with a mix of upper and lower case letters.