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After changing my form layout, the address isn’t populating the fields. Can I reset my address look-up?

Yes. You can control your lookup settings from the service area when you log in to your account, Choose the key you want to edit and select the On Page Setup tab. From here you can Activate the on-page setup which will launch the setup process again, allowing you to reconfigure how the lookup works. If you can't see an On Page Setup section, your key is most likely an older popup key. In this case, the edit screen gives you the option to reset all the mappings for your look-up. This will make the lookup button on your site appear as ‘Set-up PCA Predict’ and allow you to remap the look-up.

My account credentials are visible in my website source code - is this safe?

Your account details can be restricted to your specific URL in fact we recommend you do this. This means that even with code types where your details are visible, they are still safe and secure. Anyone attempting to use them from another site would have their requests rejected and you’d be alerted via email.

Why don’t I get a county returned with my address?

Counties are no longer a required part of the address and Royal Mail have not supported them since 1999. This means for areas such as London we do not return a county as part of the address. Don’t panic! You have a number of options if you want to also have a county returned with our service. Simply log in to your account, select "Your details and settings" and click on "Edit these settings" within the UK Counties pane. You can then choose between the following options:

  • Default county - (Recommended)
  • Former postal county - (as used by the Royal Mail until 1999)
  • Administrative county - (this is the strict, government name of the top level administrative body which is either a county or a unitary authority)
  • Traditional county - (this is the county name before the reorganisations that started in the 70's)